The All-Time Best Gambling Movies
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The All-Time Best Gambling Movies

Gambling is any activity that is particularly characterized by a balance between being a winner or loser, a result wholly subjected to a mixture of pure luck or in some cases skill. This term has been bastardized by many especially religious bodies and tagged as immoral behavior. But, truth to be told everything is a gamble, most of the choices we make are placed on a chance, nothing is 100%. You can do everything right according to the books and still end on the losing end, that is life for you, we can only hope that the odds continue to be in our favor. Well, like most other things too much of gambling can be detrimental to your life, when gambling becomes habitual it casts a dark shadow on your personality.

The act of gambling has this

The act of gambling has this peculiar feeling, a certain rush, the great suspense that exists between losing and winning gives extra exhilarating experience. If you want to have an almost real-life experience of gambling without necessarily engaging in the act, you should check out the following gambling themed movies. For your first taste of the gambling universe, it is only right to start with this 2014 blockbuster, “The Gambler”. The movie follows a story of a gambling addict who happens to be a literature professor, his betting habits were rooted in a simple philosophy; all or nothing. His philosophy on the long run put him in a tight position between dangerous people of the gambling world, in a desperate attempt to save his life he had to seek the help of some of his students.

The All-Time Best Gambling Movies

Another gambling movie you will love to check out is one of the most popular spy movie collections: James Bond in “Casino Royale”. This is a perfect mash of action and gambling, as the world’s favorite secret agent tries to outfox a weapon dealer in a high-stakes match of Casino Royale. Molly’s Game is also a must-see gambling movie which is based on an originally written autobiographical book of a young woman that operates two underground high-staking games. The 2014 gambling movie titled “Gambling” is the one for you if you are looking for an intellectually intense film with a pure take on real-life issues concerning gambling.

Have you ever held in the thought of gambling being pure luck? Well, guess again. The movie “21” showed how a couple of MIT college students with their professor heading the team, go on a winning streak all over Las Vegas courtesy of a card counting system they developed. Now, one thing you have to keep in check when gambling is the human tendency towards greed, this was painted perfectly in a classic 1989 movie “Let it Ride”. The protagonist was a cab driver who cut the air of a horse that never loses a match, he placed a bet and won really big, enticed with the ease of making money via gambling he got addicted.

Not everyone is lucky, and some people even have the worst of luck. You would think this kind of person would be nonexistent in the betting world, but that is not the case. Gambling giants like casinos have found a use for this type of people that has infectious bad luck. This movie, “The Cooler” went deep into the process of harnessing bad luck. The last movie on this list is a pretty peculiar one, “Holy Roller” is a film based on a Christian bunch that was into betting. Enjoy this show as the rejuvenated saints try to find moral justification for their religiously condemned hobby.