Whether the PS4 pro can play 4K Blu-rays
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Whether the PS4 pro can play 4K Blu-rays

The answer is yes because the PS4 pro can support since it’s different from the ordinary PS4, and that is what distinguishes the two. PS4 pro version supports 4K videos when it’s connected to a display with 4K. You can even stream movies of HD quality which is higher than the standard HD, but it’s still not of full features.

This was after realizing that few

This was after realizing that few people watch or stream movies on physical media today. To play 4K on your PS4 pro, you only need to first check whether your system is compatible. If so, then it should automatically play any movies and games that have a 4K default without having to change any settings.

You connect the PS4 pro to a screen or monitor which needs a high speed cable.

Whether the PS4 pro can play 4K Blu-rays

The reason is because a standard cable can find it hard to transmit the 4K signal. Take time to ensure that the input on your screen can support 4K because there can be several, and not all can handle 4K videos. If markings are not clear or you have difficulty finding out, the wisest choice is using the display users guide. PS4 pro is does cannot play disks that are of Blu-ray. After you have ensured that your monitor is 4K compatible, make sure it’s configured for 4K.

Use the controller to select settings so that you can select the right choice to start playing. Pick on the setting, sound and screen which is listening and watching display.